The Story Begins…

These pages will stand as true testament to the sheer will and presence of fortitude conducted by the loyal agents of the Inquisition in their holy crusade against the darkness that encroaches upon all of mankind. The trials and tribulations these agents have faced and met with such honourable diligence have taken them throughout the whole of the Askellon Sector and perhaps soon to be beyond it’s reach.

Welcome to my Campaign page for a Dark Heresy game set in the Warhammer 40K universe. This campaign will be using the newly revised 2nd edition rules and will follow a fairly close pattern through the printed scenarios in the Player’s Handbook and Game Master’s Kit before embarking into the Forgotten Gods supplement adventure.

These pages will act as a game log where I will narrate the results of the game play for easy reference, as well as provide plenty of background and flavorful information for use by the PCs in their own play.

Chronicles of Askellon